Advice for when starting in a new team

There is always people starting new roles with new teams, perhaps joining a new company - some even working for the first time in their careers! So it felt like a good opportunity to bring up Bruce Tuckman's article 'Developmental sequence in small groups' from 1965:


Throughout my career I've found Tuckman's findings to be very much on point and with that knowledge I've learned to stay cool and give some time before making up my mind about how I like a new team or role.

Regardless if everything's going great or not, we need to take time before we can really see how things are going to play out in the long run. Something harder to do for some, specially with less professional experience but hopefully keeping Tuckman's developmental sequence in mind will help!

Bottom line when starting in a new team:

Be yourself; stay cool; get to know your new teammates personally; give some good few months there before making any decision about the team or someone (don't judge so quickly!).

Hope this helps, I'd love to know if you have any other point of view or helpful tip!