Career advice: Establishing New Connections

Career advice: Establishing New Connections

When starting a new job it's quite natural for most people to gravitate towards peers from the same age bracket in the workplace. However, I would suggest to try making friends with people that are considerably younger and older than you.

While having friends that are the same age as you is not a problem, you will have much more to gain by making friends with both people that are younger as well as older than you. I am not talking about a two or three years difference here, I'm saying 5 or 10+ years younger and older (if applicable).

Basically people that are 5, 10 or more years for more or less than you will be from different generations and will have so much to add to your journey.

In general terms, younger people tend to bring motivation, energy, a fresh vision to the job and industry.

On the other hand, older people will have so much wisdom, experience and connections - it is possible to avoid big mistakes by talking with a much more experienced friend.

Bottom line:

Keep your mind open and put in the initial effort of making connections with people from different generations than you - the closer you get together the more it can be beneficial to your career and life.